The foaling time of Arabian pure bred mares, aged from 3 to 20 years were used for this study. Lower Devonian paleomagnetic dating of a large mafic sill along the western border of the Murzuq cratonic basin Saharan metacraton, SE Algeria. This reports underline the fact that travelers visiting friends and relatives in dog rabies endemic country are at high risk of rabies exposure and unaware of such a risk in most instances. However, in north central Algeria—off the tip of Grand Erg Occidental and about kilometers miles south of Algiers—lies a serpentine stretch of vegetation. The aim of this study was to investigate the occurrence of carbapenemase-producing Escherichia coli in companion animals in Algeria.

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LL and E Algeria Ltd. The pipeline was designed to deliver 6 million tons of LPG annually using one pumping station. Carboniferous basic intrusives Ma; Djellit et al. Three species of dermatophytes were isolated: Also discussed is the Algerian defense and foreign relations. One part of the blood taken from fingertip was used for blood smears and the second part was absorbed in filter paper for molecular diagnosis.

This project now is to be extended to Algiers and other cities.

bent douar mohamed khames

Here we khammes camera trap methodologies as a monitoring tool for an extremely rare wide-ranging large felid, the critically endangered Saharan cheetah Acinonyx jubatus hecki. Local population has a rich indigenous knowledge, but is always stays not adequately documented. We analyze teleseismic shear-wave splitting for northeast Algeriato improve our knowledge of lithospheric and asthenospheric deformation mechanisms in this region.


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One of a series of profiles prepared by the Cooperative Educational Abstracting Service, this brief beny provides basic background information on educational principles, system of administration, structure and organization, curricula, and teacher training in Algeria. RA in Algeria is more common in women. We report for the first time the main causes of these diseases in khammes country and provide burden estimates. Nevertheless, the magnitudes reported on the catalogue are ML, Ms, Mb, Mw and macroseismic intensity.

The Ahnet-Timimoun Basin, Southern Algeriacontains significant gas reserves expelled from originally oil prone Silurian and Frasnian shales. Volume 3, Number 1, A seismic hazard overview of the Mitidja Basin Northern Algeria.

Gender discrimination for women with diabetes mellitus in Algeria.

Three were contracted in Morroco and one in Algeria. Typical properties of raw quartz that must be characterized are: Some of these are common to postgraduate programmes with working mohwmed, while others are unique to this particular partnership, such as weak institutional capacity to champion and embed new programmes and approaches to teaching.

Deserts are among the most poorly monitored and understood biomes in the world, with evidence suggesting that their biodiversity is declining fast. Myrtaceae family comprises two species, Myrtus communis L. Emphasis has begun to be placed on the establishment of technical institutes for training in skill areas needed to supply the nation’s quickly expanding industrial sector.

However, improved seismic techniques and renewed interest in the potential of overthrust provinces point to increased activity in this area. Mohames series of gust fronts, caused by dissipating thunderstorms have picked up dluar along the outflow boundaries.


The mean age was Altogether unrelated North Algerian individuals were sampled across 10 administrative regions or towns from the Bejaia Wilaya administrative district. The aim of this study was to report this distribution in Algeria. To acquire seismic noise were used.

bent douar mohamed khames

Updating the legislative framework, which will extend laws applicable to liquid hydrocarbon to include gas, will constitute an attractive opportunity for more partnership, permitting the introduction of new ideas and technologies. It is tremendously important to assess the consequences of organic matter rich sewage on marine ecosystem.

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Selected Bibliography of Educational Materials: Above all, a high degree of planning is necessary if sub- Saharan African states intend to tackle the media and its domination by neocolonialist ideology. Cystic echinococcosis CE mhames an important anthropozoonotic parasitic common in Algeria. In this study, the mutagenicity and genotoxicity of urban wastewater of the city of Guelma in Algeria were examined between April and April It is made of mafic rocks and is interbedded within the Silurian sediments of the Tassilis series.

Change and development in Algeria and Libya.

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Quartz usually contains abundant inclusions, both solid and liquid, and due to the number of these inclusions and their small size, complete separation is most difficult. A global evaluation and perspectives. Several hundred kilometers westward and southwestward of Arrikine, Paleozoic magmatic products are known: